Tuxedo Tips
  1. Trousers: pants leg should break slightly on top of the shoe and slope downward.
  2. Shirt Sleeves may extend one quarter inch past the sleeve of the jacket.
  3. The wingtips of the shirt should be tucked behind the bowtie.
  4. Wear either a cummerbund or a vest, not both.
  5. Cummerbund should be worn with pleats facing up as if to hold your Opera tickets.
  6. The cummerbund or the vest will cover the top waistband of the trousers and help to aesthetically blend the shirt and pants.
  7. You may wear either a boutonniere or a pocket square, but not both. The boutonniere is worn on the left lapel.
  8. Always remember black pants equal black shoes. White pants, white shoes.